Moving to a Secure Web World

The internet and digital communications are evolving. In recent years, there is momentum and support for stronger internet security and adherence to best practice and industry standards. Part of this is for more websites to deliver their content over secure channels even if the website is not transacting payments and orders or accepting input of personal data. If you are transacting and taking online payments or orders; if you have people entering their details such as a contact or subscription page on your website then you definitely should be using secure connections.

According to Scott Helme, a British security researcher, in 2017, the number of websites from the Alex Top 1 Million Websites using secure communication as standard reached 38% which is still a remarkably low number. Google now provides preference to websites which use secure channels in their rankings and modern web browsers such as Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox all now clearly show you if the website being browsed is not secure.

Adding this security layer to a website is easy enough, however, there is a multitude of extra features and options which can be applied to ensure that the best protection is being offered to users and also to protect you, the organisation hosting the service, against would be bad actors or people wishing your business harm. With it having such an impact on search ranking and customer trust and with it being easy to implement, it becomes self-evident that this is a good thing. If you are a small business, any advantage you can gain in being visible is important to make your voice heard and stand above the rest.

How can we assess our website today?

At Arcible, we use and understand these concepts and how to apply them. If you host a website and want to protect your users and ensure that you are delivering a secure experience, speak to us to find out how we can transform your website. Using security reporting tools, we can assess your current state, determine what we can do to support you and implement the features for you. Best of all, it’s quick and easy. In most cases, we can turn an insecure website to a grade A secure website in a single day. We work with web security and optimising website hosting and it’s clearly posted in our service offerings.

Why not speak to us today to find out how your site scores and what we can do to help you get to the next level with your website.