Service Modernisation

In the early years of computing, in the 1970’s and early 1980’s, we had mainframes. Through modernisation and miniaturisation, things got smaller and the dawn of the personal computer was upon us. In the 1990’s, server rooms and corporate-owned datacentres were common-place. By the late 90’s through to the current times, virtualisation and consolidation of servers are everywhere to maximise the effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of our IT investments.

Through all of this evolution and revolution, servers are still servers. A person or service wants something: a file or information [data] and the server serves it. With the revolution of public cloud, we are starting to see the birth of serverless services. Business processes and problem-solving that comes not from a dedicated server but from a cloud service.

In the Microsoft Cloud Platform there a number of these offerings: Azure Logic Apps, Azure Functions, Azure Automation, and more.

At Arcible, our motto is envision the possible and service modernisation is squarely that. We can help you assess your current applications, services, and processes to determine how they can be evolved to make use of these new breeds of public cloud offering.

Why would we want to modernise our services?

  • Reduced operating costs
  • Improved agility, scale, and performance
  • Improve availability and reliability
  • Better integration with other services such as data analytics and reporting

There can be many benefits to service modernisation but it’s not for everyone. Why not meet with Arcible and allow us to assess your services and applications to see where you can reap the rewards public cloud has to offer?

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