Enterprise Mobility

As IT systems become smarter and more interconnected, the potential for risk and exposure to bad actors (that’s a hacker to you and me), viruses, malware, information leakage, and a plethora of other threats grows on and on. You need tools and solutions that can help overcome these challenges and that’s where enterprise mobility comes in.

Fortunately, there are good actors too and Arcible, a Microsoft Partner experienced in this arena, can help you to explore them to better protect your employees, your systems, and your data to keep you safe and keep you on the right side of the law. With the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) coming into force, there is a lot that companies need to learn and ensure they are on the right side of not to mention all the commitments you had beforehand. Arcible can even help you implement steps that can get you on the right track towards earning industry certifications to prove your calibre such as ISO 27001, Cyber Essentials, and more.

Specialising in the Microsoft Cloud, Arcible can help you to explore and understand the wide array of tools and services available, what they cost and how to safely and best apply them to your business.

What is Enterprise Mobility

Enterprise Mobility is a term used to collectively describe tools and technologies that can help improve end-user experience while providing organisations with security, protection, and peace of mind that users are accessing data and using services securely.

Enterprise Mobility (EMS) is a suite of Microsoft cloud-based services which include Azure Active Directory Premium, Azure Information Protection, Microsoft Intune, and Cloud App Discovery and Security (*).

EMS is licensed at different tiers called E3 and E5. Different feature-sets are unlocked at the two levels so picking the right level is important to ensure you get the protection you need.

Azure Active Directory Premium

Azure AD Premium comes in two flavours called Premium P1 (in EMS E3) and Premium P2 (in EMS E5). Both offer vastly improved features and options over the free and basic offering with features like Conditional Access and Multi-factor Authentication.

With Premium P2, even more functionality is lit-up like Sign-in Risk settings, Privileged Access Management, and more.

Azure Information Protection

Azure Information Protection enables organisations to apply label-based protections to documents restricting who can interact with the document and how. Labels are embedded in the document and apply anywhere in the world allowing you to collaborate with partners and third-parties safe in the knowledge that they too are honouring your policies.

With Azure Information Protection Premium P2 in EMS E5 you also get automatic labelling allowing AIP to detect and determine the label requirements of the documents by automatically identifying sensitive information. AIP, when combined with Office 365 Data Loss Prevention provides a powerful toolset to ensure your corporate information and sensitive data is protected at all times and prevented from exfiltrating to places you don’t want it to.

Microsoft Intune

Intune provides powerful Mobile Device Management (MDM) and Mobile Application Management (MAM) for devices of all types including iOS, Android, and Windows 10 PCs.

Using Intune MDM, apply policies to devices that control behaviour and ensure compliance against your organisational policy. Using Intune MAM, protect corporate information inside apps installed on devices to ensure that it is not only protected but also that it is isolated from personal data in Bring Your Own Device or multi-use scenarios.

Using Windows Autopilot, IT can provide users with self-service, in-the-field, capabilities to re-image and self-deploy PCs making PC returns to head office for rebuild a thing of the past and can enable you to have new PCs delivered direct to employees working in the field.

Reporting and integration with on-premises management allow you to be a centralised view of device compliance and health across the entire organisation.

Cloud App Discovery and Security

Shadow IT is a term to describe services that users have signed up for and are using outside of IT control. Shadow IT is dangerous as it presents risk to policy and protections that IT may need to enforce and police.

With Cloud App Discovery in EMS E3, you can track and report which cloud-based services users are using and identify those which are being used without IT approval and provides you with information to help bring those applications under control.

With Cloud App Security in EMS E5, IT can do everything available in Cloud App Discovery but can additionally use the service to drive policy and information management decisions in third-party applications.

Buying and making the most of Enterprise Mobility

Enterprise Mobility has uses for organisations of any size but deciding which features and how to configure and implement each feature can be a complex task.

At Arcible, we work extensively with Enterprise Mobility Suite and can help you not only select the right products for your needs but also navigate the complexities of planning and implementation to provide you with happy, productive users as well as safe and secure IT.

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