Security and Identity

Getting a grip on identity and access management is the probably the first, and defiantly the most important aspect of cloud that organisations will encounter. Identity and Access Management (IAM) is also an area of IT service that has more acronyms than you can dream of making it potentially complex to understand.

Do you know your IAM from your PAM, from your AAD, your ADFS, your SSO, MFA, and more? We warned you!

As a Microsoft Partner and a company that specialises in helping organisations adopt Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Azure, and other Microsoft cloud-based services, our focus is typically on Azure Active Directory.

Whether you have existing on-premises IT services that you need to extend or migrate into the cloud or you are a borne-in the-cloud company, you will want to have a firm grasp of the identity and access management of your users.

At Arcible, we can help you navigate the sea of acronyms and technologies, make sense of what you have today, where you want to get to, and what you need to implement to get there. We can help you to identify tools and techniques to make your life easier and more secure. We can help your employees be more productive and spend less time looking for that lost post-it with a written down the password or remembering how to reset or recover their password.

Speak to us about scheduling a one-day workshop to get you started on your identity and access management future.

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