Security and Identity

Getting a grip on security and identity management is the probably the first, and definitely one of the most important aspect of cloud that organisations should look to understand and configure. Identity and Access Management (IAM) is also an area of IT service that has more acronyms than you can dream of making it potentially complex to understand.

Do you know your IAM from your PAM, from your AAD, your ADFS, your SSO, MFA, and more? We warned you!

As a Microsoft Partner and a company that specialises in helping organisations adopt Microsoft 365, Microsoft Azure, and other Microsoft cloud-based services, our focus starts with Azure Active Directory.

Using Microsoft services and solutions, Arcible can help you spot the difference between real users and would-be attackers while making your environment safe, secure, and using identity and access management controls that are easy for end-users to work with.

Finding the right security and identity solutions

In the Microsoft space alone there are a number of different products and offerings for identity to suit various requirements.

What about integrating existing or newly acquired applications to give users a way to sign-in to all their applications with a single identity powered by Azure Active Directory?

What if you were to cloud-enable existing applications and services; even services running on-premises on Windows or Linux servers as part of an Enterprise Mobility solution?

All of these things can factor into deciding the right way to manage the security and identity for your organisation and users and it can form part of the overall solution.

Defence in-depth

Security is a multi-faceted operation which needs to work across multiple levels and ensuring that those protections are working together for the good of the organisation is critical.

In the Microsoft space alone we can leverage products like the Microsoft Defender triple-threat (Microsoft Defender for Identity, Microsoft Defender for Endpoint, and Microsoft Defender for Office 365), Azure Firewall, Azure Security Center, and even Azure Sentinel to consolidate security into a single Security Information and Event Management (SEIM) solution to give you a holistic view of your identity and access management posture with reporting, alerting, and insights.

Understanding and executing on security and identity

Arcible can assist you throughout your security and identity journey. From looking backwards at what you have today, identifying gaps to be addressed, and helping you to consolidate your security reporting and investigation.

As you progress we can help you in re-assessing your threat vectors to enable you to reach your ultimate security end-state.

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