Cloud Productivity

Productivity is a term thrown around a lot in the world today but what does it mean? How does it relate to the cloud?

To Arcible, a Microsoft Partner, and Microsoft, Cloud Productivity means a raft of services and software to help your employees and your organisation do their jobs most effectively. Whether that be as simple and mainstream as access to licensing for Microsoft Office applications and an email service through to advanced solutions for business intelligence and analysing data.

More and more organisations are moving their productivity suite and services from on-premises services like Exchange Server to online services like Microsoft Office 365 because of the simplicity and reliability of it. The costs typically just don’t stack up when you compare them.

At Arcible, we can help your employees and your organisation be more productive using the Microsoft Cloud Productivity suite whether you are looking to move from an existing on-premises set of tools to the cloud or whether you have a green field ahead of you and want the best tools for your budding new business.

How can Office 365 help our business? Well here are just a few examples:

  • Access to the latest Office software applications
  • All the tools and services your users want, need, and more
  • Simple, per-user, monthly licensing without complex software and systems to manage yourselves
  • Value-added tools and services like Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Forms, Power BI, and more

If you think Office 365 is for you or maybe you are already using it and want to explore new possibilities or check that you are getting the most from your licensing, get in touch with us at Arcible. Start out with a one-day assessment of your use of Cloud Productivity and see what possibilities we can help you envision.

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