Arcible Assist

Arcible Assist is our way of giving you a little peace of mind. Project work tends to arrive at our desks with a degree of order and planning (sometimes less than we’d like though). Issues can arise at any time and when that happens, you may be in a pinch.

The last thing you and your business should we worried about when you are facing a problem is agreeing on payment terms and invoicing with a supplier such as Arcible. Arcible Assist takes the strain out of these situations for you.

Arcible Assist works by allowing you to pre-pay for one or more days of our time. If you have an issue or you need some support, you can get in touch with us as draw down on these days as you need. We even allow you to draw on these pre-paid days in half-day chunks so that you aren’t wasting a whole day on an issue that may be resolved in a couple of hours.

Arcible’s clear and honest approach to Arcible Assist to give you piece of mind.
What we offer Any sector, any size
Pre-paid days taking the hassle out of purchase orders, invoices, and more
Buy as little as one day to get you started
Use days in half-day increments
Can be used for support and troubleshooting
Can be used for workshops and training
Can be used for project and implementation work
Include travel and expenses in our daily rate
Can be banked for an unlimited period of time
A clear and simple daily rate £ 735 per day

How do I buy Arcible Assist?

Simply get in touch with us and we can get this set-up for you. Our price is just £735 per day which is over £100 per day saved over our standard Consulting rate. The Arcible Assist price excludes Value Added Tax (VAT).

Contact us to get started

Who can buy Arcible Assist?

We reserve the purchase of Arcible Assist to existing customers of other projects. We do this to protect both you and ourselves from issues in the future. By purchasing Arcible Assist and using it, you are depending on us to provide you with support. If we have never worked in your environment before, we may not fully understand your business, your processes, or your systems and could do more harm than good.

By working with existing customers only, we will already have an understanding of your environment. If you are interested in using Arcible and Arcible Assist we would suggest starting out with a one or two day review of your environment so that we can help you identify potential issues and problems so that we can better support you in the future.

Why can’t it be used for project or implementation work?

We offer Arcible Assist as an incentive to our existing customers looking for support and maintenance services; they are not meant to replace a traditional implementation project.

When should we not use Arcible Assist?

Arcible is in still young as an organisation. Until such a time that we are able to support you in the right manner, you should not rely on Arcible Assist for mission-critical or priority one workloads where an outage would result in a dramatic loss of service, functionality, or the ability for your business to function.

If you need this level of priority support, we are happy to help you find a partner that can provide this for you. Providing priority support for this type of incident is something that we aspire to and as part of our long-term company vision and is something that we hope to achieve in the future.

Is there a time limit to use Arcible Assist?

Yes, but we try to be fair about it. We run Arcible Assist in tandem with our fiscal year which runs from December to November. If on the 30th November, you have an Arcible Assist balance outstanding, we will do one of two things:

  1. If you have a balance of one day, we will allow you to roll over half of one day to the next year in the event that you have an issue with requires our help before you are able to purchase more Tech Days.
  2. If you have a balance of more than one day, we will allow you to roll over one day to the next year so that you are covered for an issue that you may face before purchasing more.

Why doesn’t it include travel and expenses?

Because it is reserved for existing customers, Arcible Assist is designed to be used primarily for support and maintenance issues. In almost all cases, we can resolve these issues remotely without the need for travel. Instead of stuffing our price with an allowance for travel and expenses costs, we lowered the basic price and separated the travel and expenses (T&E) costs.

In the event that you need an on-site or face-to-face presence for help, we can gladly do so but we would invoice you accordingly for the associated T&E.

How do we support charities?

In conjunction with our offer of free Consulting days to registered charities, we extend this into our Arcible Assist offerings too. If you purchase four or more days of Arcible Assist, we’ll add the fifth for free. This offer is subject to the normal terms of Arcible Assist.

How do we support the Armed Forces?

We offer the same benefits to the Armed Forces as we do to charities in support of the work that they do and the sacrifices that they make. Arcible has signed and committed to the Armed Forces Covenant.

You can find out more about the covenant at and you can view our covenant too.