About Arcible

Arcible is an IT consultancy and solutions business aimed at providing services to small to medium business and enterprise, and to charities and non-profit organisations. We are based in the South of England but can help your business or organisation wherever you are. We strive to be different and this page can help you find out about us.

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  • to architect solutions for our customers and to envision the possible
  • to deliver quality for our customers
  • to be honest with our customers and to care about our customers, the community, and have respect for matters above and beyond our own bottom line

What started Arcible?

The spark that ignited Arcible came in late 2016 when we saw that there was a real need for two things in the UK IT market. The first was for an agile IT consultancy and service provider that can meet the needs of a modern-age where technology is fast-paced and constantly changing. The name Arcible is a compound of two words that really grabbed us: architecture and possible.

The second need is what helped guide our company values. With our experience, nearly 15 years of it across various verticals in IT, it has taught us that the industry is fraught problems: misinformation, over-pricing, over-reaching, over-selling, and distrust.

What is Arcible about?

Our company motto is envision the possible because that is our aim: to be able to help your organisation achieve its full technological potential, to see what is possible and to help you architect it and achieve it.

At Arcible, we strive to be different. We don’t do misinformation, over-pricing of our services, and we don’t try to be more than we are. Our values are quality, integrity, and social responsibility and we live by them and they are the foundation of all that we do. You can read more about the company values of Arcible, how we came to them, and what they mean to us and to you as a customer on our Arcible Values page or you might want to read our Founder’s Story on how Arcible came to pass.

As a technology start-up, Arcible suffers one trait shared by many start-up’s: time. We’re honest about this because it’s what we do. Funding a technology start-up isn’t something that happens overnight so we work at Arcible and on our customer projects around other commitments.

Our work

Arcible is a Microsoft Partner. We specialise in delivering services and solutions for Microsoft products and services for both on-premises and the cloud including Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Azure, Windows, System Center, and more.