Free Support and Advice for the Scout Association

We love the work that The Scout Association do and we love contributing to it and it’s members which is why we offer free support, advice, and guidance on digital and technology services to The Scout Association and Groups within in. Read on to find out what we can offer you and how to access our offers. Hopefully, you’ll understand that we can’t give away everything for free but we promise to do our best.

What do we offer for free?

The key thing to note is that the support and advice we offer for free is limited in a few ways. Firstly, we don’t provide a time guarantee for our free support and advice because we have to put our paying customers first. Secondly, what we offer is hands-off: we won’t be able to do the job for you as we don’t have access to your services and we don’t want to. This controls and limits our exposure to potentially sensitive data for the young people and keeps Data Protection, GDPR, and Safeguarding in check.

What we do offer for free is an email-based service where you can email us questions you need support and guidance with and we will do our best to give you a response. This service is available to you if you fall into one of the criteria below. The support we provide is for the organisations of Scouting itself, not direct support for Scout Association members; this isn’t meant for support and advice as an individual but for your Scout Group, Unit, District, or County.

  • You are a Scout Group
  • You are an Explorer Scout Unit
  • You are a Scouting District
  • You are a Scouting County
  • You are from The Scout Association

How do we get in touch?

The best way to get in touch with us is to use the Contact Arcible page on our website and that will give us the information we need to get started.

Once we receive your request, we’ll assess it and respond as soon as we can. If it’s something we can’t help with then we may direct you to another company who can; the level of support and service you will receive from them and any costs are obviously out of our control.

If your request is more involved than something a few emails or a phone call can resolve then we can work with your group on a paid basis too but don’t worry: we won’t bill you for anything without talking to you first and getting it approved by you and your Executive Committee because we understand how Scouting works.

Kindness in turn

If you have used our free support service for your Scout Group or any part of The Scout Association there is a way you can repay us without costing your group anything.

If you use Microsoft Office 365 or Microsoft Azure under the non-profit Microsoft Philanthropies programme and have not previously worked with another Microsoft Partner you could assign Arcible as your Partner of Record.┬áThe Microsoft Digital Partner of Record is a scheme that allows Microsoft Partners to be recognised for their work and efforts. It doesn’t cost you anything and takes just a couple of minutes to set up. You can ask us how to do this and we can send you our how-to guide.