IT consulting is what we do whether it’s something from our typical services such as Cloud Productivity or Identity and Access Management or whether you need something a bit more individual and unique. If you need help to develop your IT vision for the next few years or need help upgrading a legacy system, that’s all part of what we can offer.

We have a simple, no-nonsense approach to consultancy and our work. We are honest about our pricing so that you can see up-front, what working on a project with Arcible is going to cost and no matter whether it’s one day or ten days, our work is always backed up by our company values of quality, integrity, and social responsibility. Whatever size your organisation may be from 1 employee to 10,000; whatever sector or industry you work in, we can help. Our past experience shows that we’ve worked in sectors including retail, healthcare, defence, government, and more.

Arcible’s clear and honest pricing for IT consultancy
What we offer Any sector, any size
Unrealistic, secretive list prices
Offers of big discounts to sweeten the deal
Envision the possible, not just what’s easy or profitible for us
Not afraid to tell you if we aren’t the best people for the job
An honest assessment of days, not padded out for the sake of it
Include documentation costs in all our quotes
Show integrity and put passion and quality in all that we do
Include travel and expenses in our daily rate
A clear and simple daily rate £ 650 per day

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How did we set our day rate?

That’s the question most often asked. Compared with other IT consultancy organisations, Arcible’s day rate is low: we know of consultancy firms that charge over £1,000 per day and those prices still exclude travel and expenses costs. When we set our daily rate, we tried to be as fair and honest as possible. While our overheads may be low, we still have to pay the usual bills like insurance, banking fees, run our own services, taxes, and more. To maintain our high levels of quality we also need to keep a high-level of training and experience flowing through us.

Why doesn’t the rate include travel and expenses costs?

We set ourselves a lower than industry average daily rate as part of our goal to be a socially responsible company and to make ourselves accessible not just to the cash-rich. To achieve these goals, we wanted to be transparent with our customers about what we charge and one way to achieve this was to separate the travel and expenses (T&E) costs. Our prices exclude Value Added Tax (VAT).

By splitting out the T&E cost, customers who chose to work with us remotely get better value for money. Customers who want face-to-face interaction or where the work requires that we are physically present, you are able to see exactly what we are charging back to you, the customer, and you are well within your rights to challenge us on those costs if you don’t think they are fair or reasonable. This separation also means we don’t need to adjust our rates or margins as costs change such as fuel price changes or rail fare hikes.

How do we support charities?

Unlike most normal companies offering IT consultancy where their pricing is a secret recipe and where rates are based on your company size, sector, and geography, we are transparent about our pricing and we charge a flat-rate regardless of these factors.

To help support registered charities, instead of offering price reductions which adds complexity to our billing process for discounts and more, we simply offer you free days. When you buy four or more days for a consultancy project, we’ll give you the fifth for free. If your project only requires four days work, you can bank the day and use it as an Arcible Tech Day in the future. This offer is subject to the normal terms of Arcible Tech Days with regard to how long they can be saved up for.

What are our payment terms?

We operate on a standard 30-day payment term schedule. In most cases, we will invoice for our work upon completion and that should be paid within the 30 day period. If we are working with you on a major project with a long-running schedule, we may ask to agree on additional payment terms. These terms may include a payment schedule based on project milestones or we may require some amount of advance payment, especially if there is a cost involved such as purchasing hardware or materials on your behalf.

Our business thrives on its integrity and social responsibility. As part of that, we are extremely open and honest with our customers. With this comes mutual respect which means we pay our invoices on time and we hope our customers will do the same. If a payment for one of our invoices is not received within the times set out, we will act to reclaim this. We regularly perform credit scoring of our customers using authorised services and may require advance payment should the results of these checks call for it.