Founder’s Story

The Founder’s Story is the history of how Arcible came to pass and the journey from inception to fruition: the Arcible that you see today.

It started with an idea

The idea behind Arcible first surfaced around October 2016. It came from seeing a lack of innovation, technological adoption, an appetite for change. Seeing the IT industry evolve and develop into something else at a rapid pace meant there was a need for something different, someone different.

The aborted take-off

Back then, the idea never took off for personal reasons outside of work-life. A change in job provided the satisfaction I craved to work on these new technologies borne in the cloud but with it came a work-life balance problem. The way staff were treated was like a cattle shed, moving from one project to another like grazing animals moved from one field to the next without consideration the animals welfare. Another change in job quelled the balance but lacked the technological focus again which pretty much put me back to square one.

“The way staff were treated was like a cattle shed, moving from one project to another like grazing animals moved from one field to the next…”

With other things on my mind

At this time, I wasn’t thinking much about Arcible as I was busy with aa personal objective: already involved in Scouting, I really upped my game in the  movement. What started in late 2015 as helping out for a few hours here and there as a helper at a local Cub Scout Pack turned into getting more involved as an Assistant Cub Scout Leader, helping to run some of the evenings and being more integral to that Scouting family. As time progressed, this continued to grow and in addition to helping the Cubs section, I now run an Explorer Scout Unit as the Explorer Scout Leader. This growing investment in time has not only allowed me to help influence and help shape the life experiences of young many young people, it’s also taught me personal lessons along the way by taking the Scout Law and Promise to heart personally and as they helped to reshape my personal beliefs and values.

Finding the new me

When you are working for organisations that treat people like cattle or organisations that struggle to see the advances in technology before them and refuse to embrace change, it put me at odds with the values that were re-forming me. How can I keep my honour and my promise to do my best when I am having to lie to customers about what technology is best for them if it doesn’t fit with the company mantra or profit margins; how can I be trusted to be truthful about how good we really are if saying the wrong thing risks my job because that customer walked away; how can I be respected by others if I am not being truthful and respectful of myself?

With these changes to me as a person, the idea for Arcible changed too. I feel fortunate that I didn’t have the means to launch back in 2016 as I had first wanted otherwise I probably would not have found myself in the place I am today. This is an idea that wasn’t born overnight and is definitely one that has been curated in my internal incubation chamber for some time.

“I’m no environmentalist but having the time to connect with one-another as individuals, to connect with nature, and to genuinely care about one-another are extremely high on my agenda now.”

Like everybody, I want to live in a nice house and to provide for my wife and my children – who doesn’t want these things after all, however, they now they seem less core to me. I’m no environmentalist but having the time to connect with one another as individuals, to connect with nature, and to genuinely care about one-another are extremely high on my agenda now. Having taken the Scouting ethos to heart, I feel less capitalistic and instead, find myself changed and wanting Arcible to be different from other IT service providers and consultancy businesses on the market. The cynic in you may be thinking that is a marketing ploy to try and differentiate ourselves from competition on the market but I would challenge that thinking. Get yourself DBS checked and go and spend time helping a group of young people: learn something new and tell me you don’t feel satisfaction from it and the urge to do it again.

Arcible Mark Two

In 2018, my personal situation was still not being conducive to walking away from the comfort of full-time employment into starting a solo operation, I took the decision to passively engage in launching Arcible. Passively engaged makes it sound half-baked and half-hearted but it wasn’t: a lot of time went into it to ensure that all the right pieces were in place. It was a calculated decision to dip a toe into the market without making taking my family on the road to financial ruin in the process if the market wasn’t there. Should there be genuine interest and aa marke for Arcible then I would fully commit and walk away from safety and take the Arcoble risk whole-heartedly.

With this re-focused personal centre, a redoubled passion to make Arcible work, and knowing how I wanted Arcible to fit in the market it all made sense. No longer did I want Arcible to be just another Microsoft Partner providing IT consultancy in the herd but I wanted us to be different and to feel like we are making a difference even if it is a small one.

This is how the Arcible Values were born:

  • Quality
  • Integrity
  • Social Responsibility

Defining the values

The Arcible Values are, in the purest sense, my personal values being projected out as a corporate identity but as the founder of Arcible, that’s a choice I get to make. The About Arcible and the Arcible Values pages on the site explain these values so I’m not going to repeat them here.

Coupled with the Arcible Values is our target market. Instead of trying to be a superstar player in the consultancy scene and offering our services at high-brow prices to the upper echelons of the business world, we want to help the little fish. There is a lot of bad and under-educated advice available to small to medium businesses and to charities a s non-profit organisations. I want Arcible to be able to impart the knowledge gained through working with big business to help those at the other end; to use the tools and techniques used by big business to help make smaller businesses work smart. Don’t be fooled though: we aren’t saying we won’t or don’t work with large organisations but we know that big business will want to work with big consultancy and that isn’t us so there is little reward in us trying to chase that work.

Wrapping it up

When I look back to two years ago when I first came up with the name Arcible, I couldn’t have known then how much more I would be involved in Scouting and how it could have made such a colossal impact on my personal belief system and to my business life. For the intervening period between now and 2016, I am actually glad that I wasn’t able to launch Arcible as had I been able to.

I hope that this founders blog post can be an inspiration to others, to see how community and social responsibility can help to shape and change an organisation and how we, as individuals, can help to make the world a better place. That’s my mission, that’s Arcible’s mission and we hope that we can achieve it, one small step at a time and we hope that you will be on the journey with us, working with us as a customer because it takes two to tango.